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P.A.R. contracting is a vegetation control company located in Halbrite, SK.

Owned and operated by Ron & Patty Evans.

Lease Maintenance.

Various Construction Jobs.

We contract our staff for working in multiple professional jobs including well-head cleanups, spill cleanups, road repairs, fence repairs, storage yard cleanup, landscaping, and painting as required. If you have a job you need doing, there is a great chance P.A.R. Contracting and our staff will be more than willing to help you out with it!

P.A.R. Contracting handles all your rock drill oil needs with our metered truck delivery.

All staff are trained in:

  • H2S Alive 
  • OH & S Committee
  • First Aid and CPR Level "A" 
  • TDG
  • EGSO
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Industrial Vegetation Spray Certification
  • Individual Company Orientations 
  • ATV Training
  • Heavy Equipment Training

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For our Weed-Whipping Division, we have an experienced weed whacking crew of 5+ people who have the ability to tackle any job no matter how large or small it may be.  This crew is perfect for those organic applications using STIHL brush cutters.


The Mowing Division is an important part of an integrated vegetation management plan. Mowing involves levelling down trees, brush, grass and other vegetation by cutting, clipping or trimming. Mowing is a mechanical solution to the problem of clearing unwanted vegetation that may be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to herbicide application.
In some cases, using herbicides alone may not be enough to re-claim or clear grounds lost to too much vegetation. Areas which have been unattended for several years may need to be mechanically cleared first through mowing operations before herbicides can be effectively applied. Sites may have grounds that may require regular mechanical maintenance to meet industry regulations and safety standards.

Vegetation Control.

Staff Safety Training.


Organic Vegetation Control.

Our Snow Removal Division deals with all of your oilfield and residential needs. We use our 4 New Holland tractors, toolcat, and 4 dual stage 8-foot tractor mounted snow blowers.

Snow Removal.


Our Spraying Division includes weed and brush control and removal as well as Invasive, Roadside and Reclamation Weed Control Programs. Spraying has major advantages as a vegetation management practice, including long-lasting control, allowing desired vegetation to flourish, and is highly effective when applied by our certified and trained team. The equipment we use, as well as the choices we make with the herbicide, target specific infestations accordingly.