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We are proud of our friendly staff and safety team, but most of all, the excellent work we do keeping your unwanted vegetation and noxious weeds on every work site and neighbouring farmers land under control, by preventing undesirable growth.

Here at P.A.R Contracting, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. We offer a variety of services to accommodate the demanding needs of the oil and gas sector located in Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. With more than 25 years of experience in the oilfield and over ten years supplying vegetation control, we have the ability to customize our services to meet these needs in a timely and efficient manner.

P.A.R contracting is a vegetation control company located in Halbrite, SK.

Owned and operated by Ron & Patty Evans.

P.A.R. Contracting Ltd.


2013- We relocated our central office to Halbrite, SK. With combining our shops and equipment to a central location, it has helped us meet our diverse needs. 

P.A.R Contracting Ltd. is a proud member of ISNetworld, Comply Works, EGSO Certified, IVMA Sask. Member, PVMA Alberta member, Manitoba, and a COR certification holder for over 5 Years.

2008- We started our company as a husband and wife team. Over the years, we have been able to expand that team the employ 5 full time staff and 20-25 summer students. Many of these students return year after year while obtaining their university degrees

“It only takes a few hours to complete safety training which could save your life”

About Our Company.

Safety is held in the highest regard. Here at P.A.R., we ensure all employees have all current safety tickets and go through a training program upon hire. Each one of our units are equipped with safety equipment to deal with both internal and external emergencies.  To top it all off, each unit is GPS tracked at all times. Our main goal is to make sure EVERYBODY arrives home SAFELY at the end of EVERY day.

“Our most valuable resources are our staff and customers”